Understanding the PHYTO 5 Product Lines

Published: 10th February 2011
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PHYTO 5, the Energetic Skincare line, that supports the Phytobiodermie method, offers products for:



Body & Bath additives

PHYTO 5 is organized as follows:

• The Phyto-Energetic™ line that includes the five elemental sub-lines of natural and energetic products

• The Bio-Ceutical™ line that emphasizes certified organic products

This line of products, with proven energetic quality, makes Phytobiodermie the de-facto

"World Leader in Energetic, Natural, and Holistic Skincare!"

PHYTO 5® Bio-Ceutical™ Line

In addition, there are other products that do not fall within the five elemental lines; they are in support of them but they can also be used on their own. This line is referred to as "Bio-Ceuticals™."

There is an industry trend to call certain skincare products "Something-Ceutical" to express a higher quality of products, rich in so-called "bio-active" ingredients. Evidently, it seems to meet an expectation from customers in search of results-oriented, potent, skincare products. In as much as the PHYTO 5® products are both rich in "bio-active" ingredients and of well-proven quality, it is estimated that "Bio-Ceutical" is an appropriate name for these products that also emphasize an organic certification. Further, the term "BIO" is used in Europe to indicate that a product is organic.

The difference between the Phyto-Energetic™ line and the Bio-Ceutical™ line is that the first one is focused on vital energy balancing according to the Five Elements; while the Bio-Ceutical™ products mission is made clear as part of their name or tag-line. The theme of the graphics is grey and white.

All new Bio-Ceuticals™ are certified organic.

Attention: Remember that an organic certified skincare product should always display the logo of a third party certification agency. Further, the name of the product and of the manufacturer should appear on the website of the certification agency.

Laboratoire GIBRO S.A. of Switzerland, is the exclusive manufacturer of PHYTO 5® products. It is certified by ECOCERT® and COSMEBIO® since 2007.

Rudy Peters,

Spa Smart, Marketing / Development

Montreal – Toronto – Ottawa – Calgary – Vancouver



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